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Whether you are home or away, a state of the art Home Security system gives you peace of mind.

Some things in life are irreplaceable. ¬†Your family, and the feeling of safety you get in your own home are two of those things. Vivint’s attention to detail gives you a home security system the protects you against threats from inside and outside. It doesn’t matter if you need protection for your home or business. We are committed to bringing you the best customer service and most innovative products to protect the things your hold dear. Call one of our offices in Sioux Falls. We have agents standing by.

According the the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report last year in South Dakota there were 351 burglaries for every 100,000 people. Criminals often choose the easiest targets and a home or business protected by a Vivint Home Security System with 24 hour monitoring, is not an easy target. Our professional installers and representatives can make sure you get the protection you need. Don’t settle for less.

Vivint security systems have several packages to customize for your needs and with the Vivint Sky App you can monitor your home or business from anywhere. Give the impression you are home, even when you aren’t, give the appearance that someone is always home and make it impossible for criminals to find your home an easy target.

Choosing the right home security system can offer you protection and peace of mind. Home security systems are no longer a luxury limited to lavish estates, they are a necessary piece of protection for each and every home. Call Us and start protecting your family today.


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#1 Smart Home Services Provider

Svanberg, Johan

Smart Homes and Home Automation. Gothenburg, Sweden: Berg Insight, 2016. Print. Fourth Edition.

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South Dakota Facts

Law Enforcement


According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics, South Dakota employs approximately 1636 sworn police officers. The officers are spread out through 155 law enforcement agencies. There are about 200 officers for every 100,000 South Dakota residents.

Property Crime

Property crime is South Dakota is at 1943 per every 100,000 citizens. The most common property crime is Larceny-Theft followed by burglary and vehicle theft.

Violent Crime

In 2015 Violent Crime in South Dakota was at 383.1 for every 100,000 citizens. The bulk of these offenses was aggravated assault which accounts for 296.6 of the 383. Forcible rape was the next highest at 51.4 followed by robbery and murder.


The South Dakota Department of Corrections currently oversees a total of 3837 adult inmates. Only 61 are federal inmates the rest are held for state crimes. The Juvenile branch currently oversees 136 in secure facilities and more than 300 in aftercare facilities.