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Are you interested in making your house “Safe” or looking for a home security system in Sioux Falls, South Dakota?

HD Home Automation Services and Vivint are giving Sioux Falls residences superior protection with industry leading security systems and state of the art monitoring services. Vivint is an industry leader in Home Security and we are proud to be an authorized retailer. If you are a business or home in the Renner, Crooks, Brandon, Harrisburg, Shindler or other surrounding areas and desire 24/7 protection give us a call.


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If you have been looking for a Home Security system, and surveillance, Vivint is your best choice. When security is needed for your home or business in the Sioux Falls area, or surrounding areas, we are your number 1 option. Home security is much more than anti-crime. Home security is about comfortable living, and peace of mind. Make sure you get the protection your family or business deserves. Protect your Sioux Falls area home even when you are away.

Vivint specializes in the installation of residential alarm systems, commercial alarm systems, access control system and surveillance cameras. Vivint has been In business for over 10 years, and offers all the features to meet your needs. Contact us today.

*This address is a sales offices only. No payments, correspondence, or equipment drop-offs will be accepted at this address. Please call Vivint Customer Service at 1-800-216-5232 to make arrangements for payment and equipment drop-off and delivery.

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Sioux Falls, SD Facts

Law Enforcement

Sioux Falls is the largest city in South Dakota and employs the most police officers. The Sioux Falls police department is responsible for 230 jobs. The police officers take approx 85,000 calls a year.

Property Crime

According to an article on Mix 97.3, Sioux Falls is one of the 10 most dangerous cities. However other statistics show some property crime on the decrease. The chances of becoming a victim of property crime in Sioux Falls is 1 in 30 which is less than the national average. neighborhoodscout.com/sd/sioux-falls/crime/

Violent Crime

When it comes to violent crime in Sioux Falls. Your chances of becoming a victim are slightly higher than the national average at 1 in 209.



A September 8th, 2016 article in CNN claims that Sioux Falls has the nation’s lowest unemployment rate. Only 1.9% of the population in Sioux Falls are unemployed.