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Are you interested in making your house “Safe” or looking for a home security system in El Paso?

HD Home Automation Services and Vivint have teamed up to provide the best protection prossible for your home in the El Paso, Texas area. Vivint is an industry leader in Home Security and we are proud to be an authorized retailer. If you are a business or home in the Tornillo, Horizon City, Clint, Anthony, Vado or surrounding area and desire 24/7 protection give us a call.

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In most communities home security is a necessity, not a luxury. Crimes in the home create a feeling of loss that cannot be replaced by insurance. Your home is a safe place and a home invasion can take that feeling away. Vivint offers wireless home security systems and 24/7 monitoring. For only a couple dollars a day, you can protect your El Paso area home and achieve peace-of-mind when you are away.

Vivint specializes in the installation of residential alarm systems, commercial alarm systems, access control system and surveillance cameras. Vivint has been In business for over 10 years, and offers all the features to meet your needs. Contact us today.

*This address is a sales offices only. No payments, correspondence, or equipment drop-offs will be accepted at this address. Please call Vivint Customer Service at 1-800-216-5232 to make arrangements for payment and equipment drop-off and delivery.

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After interacting with the Vivint system for a month, I don’t know why I would ever choose something else Forbes Magazine

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El Paso, TX Facts

Law Enforcement

The El Paso police department employs approximately 1300 people. Of the 1300 employees 1100 are law enforcement officers.

Property Crime

The property crime rate in El Paso has been on an overall decline for the past 14 years. Currently El Paso is slightly lower than the national average.

Violent Crime

Violent crime over the past 14 years in El Paso has mirrored the property crime rate. Overall it has been decreasing. However, in an unusual trend the violent crime right is higher than the national average.


El Paso, Texas has a unemployment rate slightly lower than the national average. The national average is at 5.2% and El Paso is at 4.8%. The future job growth is about average also at 37.15%.