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Are you interested in making your house “Smart” or improving the Smart Home you currently have?

HD Home Automation Services and Vivint have teamed up to provide the ultimate in Smart Home Managment for the Hailey, Idaho area. Vivint is the industry leader in Home Automation and we are proud to be an authorized retailer. We currently provide services to Bellevue, Doniphan, Gimlet, Gannett, Picabo, Stanton Crossing and all other nearby communities.

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Home Automation is one of Vivint’s specialties, they offer professional installation, and a wide variety of award winning products. Vivint understands that home management must be designed for ease and efficiency so that anyone can use them. Each and every project is different, whether you are building a home, or remodeling, we have the experience to make sure your Vivint.smarthome is everything you need.

Vivint is the leader in home automation for homeowners. Vivint provides turn-key integration of smart home automation, custom audio/video and adavanced security solutions. Intelligent system design is tailored to enhance the lifestyle and beauty of each and every individuals home

*This address is a sales offices only. No payments, correspondence, or equipment drop-offs will be accepted at this address. Please call Vivint Customer Service at 1-800-216-5232 to make arrangements for payment and equipment drop-off and delivery.

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Smart Home Automation In Hailey

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After interacting with the Vivint system for a month, I don’t know why I would ever choose something else

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Hailey, ID Facts

Real Estate

Hailey, Idaho is a relatively young community with the average house age of only 20 years. Hailey, is also an upscale community with the average house cost 70k higher than the national average. With a low property tax rate is makes Hailey an attractive place to buy a home. The average home rental is cheaper than the national average. However, homes over 4 bedrooms are slightly higher than the national average.

Cost of Living

Hailey, Idaho is an upscale community. Not only is this reflected in high home values, it is also reflected in its overall cost of living which is 18 points higher than the national average.

Cost of Utilities

The only cost of living in Hailey that is cheaper than the national average are the Utilities. Even though house costs are 45 points higher, the utilities are 8 points lower.