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Are you interested in making your house “Smart” or improving the Smart Home you currently have?

HD Home Automation Services and Vivint have teamed up to provide the ultimate in Smart Home Managment. As Vivint authorized retailers, we provide the technology necessary to bring your residential or commercial environment into the 21st century. We have a variety of locations throughout the State of Texas, Including San Antonio. In addition to locations in those areas, we can service many more. Call us to find out if service is available at your home.


Thanks to its large size, Texas has some of the biggest ranges of temperatures throughout the year. It could be snowing in the deserts in the west near San Angelo, and in the hundreds in Galveston. No matter where you live in Texas. HD Home Automation can help manage your in-home climate. From the convenience of your smart phone you can turn on the air conditioner when you are stuck in traffic in Houston, or you can turn on the heater from horseback outside of Lubbock. We make home management simple.

With a click of your mouse or mobile device you can control your home or business from anywhere. With Smart Home technologies from HD Home Automation and Vivint, you can enhance your living experience by using the most complete home automation technologies. You can rest easy, knowing that you are in control of your home or business. Welcome to the 21st and your very own Smart Home.


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*These addresses are sales offices only. No payments, correspondence, or equipment drop-offs will be accepted at this address. Please call Vivint Customer Service at 1-800-216-5232 to make arrangements for payment and equipment drop-off and delivery.

Vivint is the #1 Smart Home Services Provider in North America
#1 Smart Home Services Provider

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Smart Homes and Home Automation. Gothenburg, Sweden: Berg Insight, 2016. Print. Fourth Edition.

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Texas Facts


The economy in Texas has always been strong. Even during the last recession the unemployment rate in Texas was well below the national average. Currently the unemployment rate is 4.8%.

Real Estate

With almost 2,000 people moving to Texas a day, the real estate market is strong. This is reflected in the average house cost which is steadily increasing but is still lower than the national average. The median home price in Texas is 151,800.

Cost of Living

Texas for its size, and population is much less than the national average. Compared to other populous states and areas it’s cost of living is significantly cheaper. The most expensive costs one can expect to incur in Texas are health and transportation which are 3 points lower than the national average.