Vivint is more than a business, They are a part of your community.

High Def Home Solutions has partnered with Vivint to become an authorized retailer, providing service on a local, more personal level. Vivint is one of the worlds biggest and most successful “smart home” and home security businesses in the world. As a leading home technology provider, Vivint offers a variety of services; from award winning home automation products to 24/7 home monitoring, each one designed to simplify and enhance your life. Vivints presence can be seen through door to door sales, in the United States, Canada and New Zealand making them one of the largest security and home automation companies in the world.

Vivint is an integral part of communities.
To Date Vivint has given back more than $4 Million in charity through donations and employee service hours. They have two amazing programs, that you may qualify for.

Children With Intellectual Disabilities

Currently Vivint works with families with children who have an intellectual disability. They provide discounted rates, develop new technology and create sensory rooms to better enhance the living environment for these children. If you believe that this is a program that is right for you, please click here.

Military Families

Vivint has special offers for military families with deployed members. With the Smart.home technology it makes it easy for military members to stay connected with their family through live video streams. Vivint protects their families, while they are protecting yours.


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