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As an authorized retailer for Vivint, we have access to state of the art home automation solutions. With one of our systems you can check in on your home from wherever you are. Hd Home Automation Systems is a major provider for Vivint.smarthome technologies for Nevada. Our professional installation and amicable customer service can make sure you get the smart home you need. Contact Us or visit the specific page for your geographical location.

Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Crime Bug Bite With Vivint Home Security

HD Home Automation Systems provide state-of-the-art home security systems and home alarm monitoring systems for home and commercial buildings. Vivint provides wireless systems that keep your alarm functioning even if the phone lines have problems. Your families sense of safety and well-being is fragile and even a simple crime at home can take that away.

Vivint is authorized to install and provide security services in all fifty states, and three countries. With decades of security experience Vivint provides a professional touch and always ensures that home and business security expectations are met. HD Home Automation Systems and Vivint believe in honesty, integrity and hard work. We strive to meet all of our customers needs.

Hd Home Automation Systems
Authorized Retailer for Vivint in the State of Nevada. We offer service to all of Nevada from one of our local locations.
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Nevada State Facts

Generic Nevada Facts


Silver State, Sagebrush State, Battle Born State


110,572 square miles 7th largest state.


Carson City


All for our country.


October 31st, 1864 it was the 36th state in the nation.


Nevada is called the Battle Born state because it was admitted to the nation during the civil war.

People of Nevada

Population 2,940,058

Over 65: 14.6%

Under 18: 23.1%

White: 50.7%

African American: 9.3%

Native American: 1.6%

Asian: 8.5%

Hispanic: 28.1%

Nevada History

Nevada, before the arrival of the Europeans in the 1700’s, was inhabited by several different Native American Tribes. Most of the tribes were peaceful and survived from vegetables, and some hunting. The first European was Spanish friar Francisco Garces. He was followed by Jedediah Smith and Peter Ogden.

Nevada was part of Spain, and then Mexico before becoming part of the United States at the end of the Mexican-American War. Nevada was part of the Utah Territory until 1864 when it became the 36th state in the Union. Nevada became a boom state when Silver was discovered and flourished greatly until the silver ran out in 1898.

Nevada legalized gambling in 1931 in hopes of reviving a sagging economy during the great depression. Today Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for people who come to Las Vegas to gamble.